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Electrical Safety Tips When Living in the Suburbs

Since the global pandemic, a lot of development has been happening in Sydney’s Hills District, one of the oldest regions in New South Wales. If you’re planning to renovate a property or invest in a new construction project in this area, it is imperative to acquire the services of a professional electrician in Hills District. A lot of heritage is housed in this vast network of over 30 suburbs but it is also an area exposed to bushfires and electrical fires. If in Australia, 20 percent of all fires are electrical-related, in New South Wales, 40 percent of fires are caused by electrical failures.

That is why living in the suburbs goes hand in hand with safety to ensure that you and the community around you are protected from potential fire hazards. One way to ensure this is by getting a service provider that can do professional electrical installation for your property. Their expertise is important because they can assess your surroundings and implement the best electrical plan for you. Here are other things to also consider to ensure electrical safety.

Get service support from Level 2 Electricians

While there are many electricians out there, there are actually three levels of accredited service providers or ASPs. Level 1 electricians deal with the construction of network assets within a site or property. Level 2 electricians on the other hand can go further by handling connections from your property to the electricity network on the street. Getting a Level 2 electrician in Hills District is a must if you want to safely connect your property to the district’s electricity grid.

Install emergency lights and alarms

Within your property, it is also important to get the essential equipment to alert you against fire hazards. Smoke alarms or detectors are no-brainer additions to every home. Studies have shown that functioning smoke alarms can reduce the risk of “dying in a fire by 50 percent.” There are electrical installation services that also offer emergency lighting. This is important for commercial establishments as part of work and safety compliance.

Invest in a generator as backup

The supply of electricity is not a problem in Sydney’s suburbs. However, power outages can still occur and natural disasters happen, electricity can be temporarily cut-off as a general precaution. In times like these, having a power generator is crucial to act as your secondary source of electricity. You can ask an electrician in Hills district to help you get one installed and they can even do regular maintenance for you as needed.

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