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The Best HVAC Systems Have these 3 Qualities

Controlling the indoor temperature of your commercial or office space is essential for today’s modern standards. Considering Australia’s environment, getting the best HVAC duct systems is of utmost importance. They help occupants feel cool during the summer and comfortably warm during the winter. This should be at the core of every HVAC or heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system. 

According to Statista, the HVAC industry is projected to grow to over US$360 billion in just a decade. This comes at a time when the world is facing a climate crisis. Summer days get hotter. Winter days get colder. In Australia, IBISWorld estimates that the HVAC market is at US$9 billion with over 6,000 businesses operating within the industry.  There is no doubt that HVAC services continue to be in demand as construction projects soar.

But as the HVAC market grows, there is also the danger of selecting systems that do not hold up to quality standards. Before you have an HVAC system installed, check out these three tips on what makes a great HVAC system.

Energy efficient 

The best HVAC duct systems are, first of all, energy-efficient. In Australia, we follow the ZERL or Zoned Energy Rating Label to check for energy efficiency. The new system has three climate zones, each having its energy ratings in stars for cooling and heating. It is important to talk to your HVAC installer to determine how energy efficient the system is based on the climate of your region. Hotter climates will need more cooling power. While in cooler regions, heating needs to be efficient during the winter.

No noise and leaks

HVAC systems can be made out of different materials including fiberglass, sheet metal, and plastic among others. The type of material can determine possible maintenance problems in the long term. Some HVAC systems experience noise and/or leaks over some time. This is quite common for older systems and is a sign that it needs to be replaced by an HVAC technician. For new installations, this should be no problem at all.

Comfortable cooling and heating

The main goal of having the best HVAC duct systems is to ensure that cooling or heating is comfortably felt by the occupants. A good working HVAC system will provide accurate temperature based on what is shown in the control panel. They also blow air that has no odor. If the temperature does not improve or there is a weird smell coming from the HVAC, then it needs to be checked right away.

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