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What is a TSPROF Knife Sharpener in Australia?

The brand-new model of TSPROF K03 pro is manufactured with the first electronic angle finder in the market called, Axicube-i. The TSPROF knife sharpener and this angle finder work together to make it easy or convenient to set an angle that has an accuracy of 0.1 degree. Aside from these innovative features, below are the other benefits you’ll get from using this new model of knife sharpener: 

  • The rack and pinion lift have a steel rack 

This steel rack on the parts of this knife sharpener has a toothed gearing that can be used for stepless adjustment of the angle’s sharpening part. The TSPROF knife sharpener doesn’t need calibration, and can be assembled in a few minutes time. 

  • It has the most precisely functioning abrasive holder 

Three-point coupling holds the calibrated steel guides of this knife sharpener. You can firmly hold a TSPROF knife sharpener as you use it for sharpening, without losing a grip on it. Thanks to this coupling handle, you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself while sharpening with this knife sharpener. This knife sharpener is usable even on surfaces that aren’t 100 percent firmly sturdy. 

  • It’s easy to use it in doing engraving tasks 

The sharpening angles are attached directly on the lift’s body. This feature makes the users of the TSPROF sharpener easy to access the sharpening angles with minimal effort. With this said, there’s no issue in getting engraving tasks completed at the soonest time possible. It’s objective to conclude, therefore, that this knife sharpener is an ideal tool you can use if you own an engraving business. You won’t have a problem providing high-quality services and outputs to customers without delay, thanks to the aid of this knife sharpener. 

  • It has an extended angle axis 

The extended angle axis of the fixing screw can be found on either the left or the right side of the sharpener’s lifting mechanism part. The TSPROF tool is comfortable to be held on both hands while you use it for sharpening tasks. Your hands are not likely going to be strained while using this knife sharpener even for long periods of time. This knife sharpener is, thus, ideal to be used while working on major long-term sharpening projects. 

  • This item is an investment 

This knife sharpener costs as much as 1000 Australian dollars, and, hence, is one of the best equipment for long-term investment. The usability and functionality of this knife sharpener is durable, considering expensive resources have been integrated for its manufacture. 

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