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An Effective Guide to Effectively Clean Your Roof Tiles

Perhaps, many people would think that cleaning a tile roof is a simple task. Well, this kind of task entails many complexities that need to be considered. In fact, this is a task that should be given to an expert or someone who offers professional roof tile cleaning services. But if you insist to do it yourself and experience doing the job on your own, the following tips can help you do it in a more simplified manner.

Pressure-cleaning your roof tiles

When cleaning your roof tiles, using water to pressure-clean them is highly recommended. Your pressure washer should be strong enough to wash away the dirt on the surface of your roof. It should be able to emit 4,000 psi of water to ensure spotless results. Simply connect your pressure washer to the tap and you are good to go to clean your roof without the aid of a roof cleaning service provider.

Treating terracotta tiles

A roof that’s made from Terracotta tiles is commonly known to be highly prone and susceptible to lichen or moss growth. During the cleaning process, a mould inhibitor substance is often applied or sprayed on the tile roof to delay lichen or moss growth. However, you have to keep in mind that the regrowth of lichens and moss also depends on the actual surroundings of your property, such as a roof with overhanging tree branches or damp surroundings.

Experimenting with various ways to clean

Doing the roof-cleaning procedures on your own without the need to hire roof tile cleaning services can give you the freedom to explore different roof-cleaning options. The most popular way to clean your tile roof is to do it manually, of course. However, as you maneuver areas with varying degrees of dirt and spots, this will surely make you think of other alternatives that will make your DIY roof-cleaning task simpler and easier.

Preparations required before cleaning

If you consider not hiring roof tile cleaning services, the following are what you need to do to prepare before cleaning:

  • Install safety guard rail around the roof
  • Move away any furniture items to protect them from getting wet during the cleaning process
  • Be mindful of the surrounding properties. Be sure to clean the mess you have created or simply put some tarps to catch or trap the dirt If you are thinking about cleaning or restoring your tile roof effectively without the hassle, roof restoration in Sydney is the way to do it.

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