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3 “Renew-vation” Tips for Your Upcoming Patio

It’s 2021 and we’re spending time and money in our homes more than ever. The pandemic has indeed generated a so-called “renovation boom” with the Courier Mail’s realestate.com.au calling out an average spend of AU$63,000 per home. Whether it’s getting polished concrete for the patio, repairing the roof, or retiling your bathroom and kitchen, home makeovers are being done in major ways. Good housekeeping has never been this good in the last decade.

With more homeowners pouring their money into home improvement, roof installation, plumbing services, and concrete restoration in Sydney are definitely feeling a surge in demand. But one particular area of interest is related to the patio since this very much ties into the renewed interest in gardening and caring for plants. Outdoor spaces are now given importance especially when the coronavirus tends to thrive in enclosed areas. If you’re joining the patio bandwagon, make sure to consider these tips:

Invest in polished concrete

If you have a lawn or outdoor space, the first step is to set a designated area within it. Using an elevated platform or polished concrete, patio construction will be easier and more practical. It would be difficult to have a patio with garden soil or grass as your flooring since, in Australia, the weather can be quite unpredictable and extreme. You will need flooring for your patio that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and even inundations. So polished concrete will not only provide beauty but also the sturdiness needed for a good patio foundation.

Build an awning

Now you have your polished concrete patio flooring, the next step is to install an awning that will give your outdoor space some shade from the sun and rain. Awnings make your space functional and usable despite the weather conditions. The material used for this is usually sun shade cloth but PVC and other materials are also used to build this. More expensive options include machine-operated, retractable awnings.

Select furniture

With your awning and polished concrete outdoor area flooring ready, it is time to pick and choose the furniture that will define the space. Depending on your location, scrutinizing the right furniture materials is important for the outdoors. Metal-based materials are very sturdy but under the sun, they can actually make seating unpleasant. Wood-based materials are generally stable (especially oak or mahogany), but they are prone to termite infestations and wood rot when exposed to too much rain and moisture. Plastic-based materials are not worth considering for those who want to use more organic materials. As such, it is important to find the right materials and mix and match according to purpose.

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