Here are 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring EWP Equipment

Elevating work platforms for EWP is an equipment that allows people to access hard-to-reach areas. If you’re planning to use an EWP equipment hire in Sydney, it’s important to know that such a mechanical device requires certain skills for it to be properly and safely operated. This article tackles six mistakes you should avoid at all costs when renting out this equipment.

  • Not considering all the hazards associated with it. When you plan to use an EWP equipment hire in Sydney, bear in mind that there are risks associated with it — these are machines that are used at height. From falls and tip-overs to entanglements and contact with overheat objects, there could be several reasons for workplace injuries (and even deaths) when using these platforms.
  • Not ensuring that its operator is someone who’s trained and experienced. To avoid unfortunate events from happening, make sure that only trained personnel will use your EWP equipment hire in Sydney. As different models of this type of equipment are being rolled out every now and then, check if its operator knows how to handle the specific platform you will be utilizing for your project.
  • Not checking if the specifications and measurements you have are up to date. If the reach of your EWP is too long or too short, it will be difficult and dangerous for its user to access the areas that need to be accessed. Use updated specifications when choosing EWP equipment for your construction needs.
  • Not determining and sticking to the purpose of why you’re hiring the equipment. Whenever renting out a cherry picker, always stick to the basics: What do you need this machine for in the first place? Your purpose will help you choose the most appropriate EWP unit or model for your project.
  • Not performing pre-operating inspections and tests. As an added layer of safety and protection, manufacturers recommend performing thorough inspections and tests first before the actual operation of the EWP equipment. This will help you determine if there are any machine failures that need to be addressed. For both the pre-operating tests and operation-proper activities, the machine’s user should wear proper clothing gear and fall protection.
  • Not researching about the company where you’re renting your equipment. Renting out a trailer lift hire in Sydney requires proper homework. Don’t skip this part — look for the company’s licenses and accreditations and check their previous clients’ reviews and testimonials.
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